For the first time in the history of the Earth, a flight was made with a nuclear rocket engine


The Burevestnik is an intercontinental cruise missile with a global reach, the existence of which was announced by Putin in 2018. International reactions at the time ranged from disbelief to derision.
However, the CIA, DIA, and NSA confirmed the existence of the missile, as well as the Sarmat, Poseidon, and Vanguard. In 2020, NATO’s head of military intelligence reported the missile’s ability to “fly endlessly, wait, maneuver and attack from unexpected directions. “
In Valdai, Putin announced the successful final test of Burevestnik and its impending surrender to the troops. Satellite images, NOTAMs and the take-off of NATO radiation check planes show that the Petrel did fly.

“Judging by the lack of registration of isotopes in Norway (the tests were specifically carried out over the Barents Sea so that NATO could see that there were no emissions of isotopes), the missile is harmless. Now the Russians have a missile that can fly for years.

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