Is the planet overpopulated and what does the entire population look like from space?


The thesis that the planet is overpopulated and fewer people need to live on it is becoming more and more relevant. Certainly, more people means more resources and, accordingly, their faster consumption.
But once we got to 8 billion people, we don’t need to cut them down quickly, just because there’s room for everyone (at least at this stage).
As is currently the case in the Gaza Strip, where only 2.3 million people live in an area of 365 km2. And 169 million people live on the territory of Bangladesh on an area of 148,460 km². This makes 1,148 people per square kilometer, bearing in mind that no small part of the state is occupied by the Ganges delta.

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In the video, you can see what 8 billion people look like compared to the not-so-big city of New York.

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