Sue the manufacturers, their Vaccines are adulterated and you will win


If you have shares in the major vaccine makers and are still hoping for new pandemics, you better sell your shares today. After such news, there can be no growth, and this is another blow against giants like Pfizer.

Vaccines are counterfeit. The FDA is required by law to take them off the market. And now you can sue the manufacturers.
I have spoken to multiple sources on this matter. Professor Byram Bridle first mentioned it to me, then Robert Malone, then attorney Warner Mendenhall. This is something big!

This tweet has over 2 million views in just 1 day.

“You can now sue the makers of the mRNA C0VID vaccines for damages and the FDA is required to pull the C0VID vaccines from the market. Why? Falsification. The sequences of the bioactive plasmid contaminants were NOT provided to the regulatory authorities. This is considered falsification.”

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