China and Russia are preparing to replace meat with artificial – salvation for humanity or just business


Some see the salvation of humanity in an artificial product, others – its destruction.

▪️The market volume of “test tube meat” or synthetic meat or artificial meat in 2022 was $247 million. More than 100 companies are developing such a product in the world. But, according to analysts’ forecasts, in the coming years it will experience significant growth – up to $25 billion. After which, artificial meat will begin to enter the shelves of major countries, including Russia, on a massive scale.

▪️The Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China has published a five-year agricultural plan. And the document mentions for the first time various innovative products, including cultured meat.

▪️As part of the plan, the Shanghai company CellX has already launched the first plant for the production of artificial meat. By 2025, it intends to produce hundreds of tons of products per year.

▪️Cultured meat is grown in anything from a test tube to a stainless steel bioreactor. The proteins are obtained from the animal by biopsy, then placed in a warm, sterile container containing a solution called culture medium containing nutrients including salts, proteins and carbohydrates. Approximately every 24 hours, the number of cells grown doubles.

▪️In 2013, Professor Mark Post from Maastricht University in the Netherlands prepared the world’s first artificial meat burger.

▪️In Russia, artificial meat for food production was created in 2019 at the Ochakov Food Ingredients Plant; a minced meat cutlet weighing 40 grams was obtained. It took $9800 to create meat.

▪️Supporters of artificial meat are convinced that its mass production will improve the environment. That’s why billionaire Bill Gates said bluntly: he wants people to stop eating beef and switch to synthetic meat.

▪️Research indicates a connection between some varieties of such products and oncology and other diseases.

▪️Italy was the first in the world to ban the sale of synthetic meat to the population.

If at some point a planetary crisis happens, and a large part of the animals die, then through artificial meat people will adapt to the new conditions. On the other hand, however, much research and improvement is still needed in artificial meat products. Currently, the consumption of artificial meats leads to doubts about the occurrence of cancer in humans.

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