Instead of wind, wind turbine blades are turned by diesel generators


The Scottish Power company deceived the Scots by powering wind turbines from diesel generators due to a “grid failure.”

In the Scottish company Scottish Power, more than 70 wind generators were powered by diesel generators, writes the British Sundy Mail.

The company was “routed” by its own employee, who informed the media about such an “environmental” fraud.

The company said it was forced to use diesel traction to run its wind turbines due to a “grid failure,” without explaining how often or to what extent its renewables are powered by diesel.

The company has already been accused of concealing environmental violations. MPs are confident that energy companies cannot be trusted on environmental issues.

This is not the first problem related to “green energy”: Scotland’s potential in the field of renewable energy sources is being used irrationally and there are fears that there are much more hidden facts of violations.

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