The German government is considering legalizing child pornography and lowering the age of consent


Parliament has accepted a constitutional petition on “children’s rights” from a group of activists campaigning to legitimize pedophilia.

The petition was prepared by the organization Krumme-13, a lobbying group advocating for lowering the age of consent and legalizing child pornography. They announced that a resolution drafted by group founder Dieter Gieseking (pictured) had received enough votes to be added to the constitution, or Basic Law.

The petition amends Article 6 of the Basic Law to add provisions regarding children’s rights and states that “children should be considered legal subjects with rights in their own right.”

“Sexual self-determination” is included in Article 2 of the Basic Law under the phrase “free development of the individual.”

Activists demand ( that pedophiles be “protected from discrimination, criminalization, exclusion and prosecution » in accordance with German equality laws.

“Pedophilia must be included in sexual identity. Pedophiles in particular should be fundamentally protected from discrimination in the Basic Law. And this is completely independent of sexual criminal law. The vast majority of the estimated 250,000 pedophiles do not commit any of these types of crimes. Pedophilia is a separate sexual identity.”

As the starting point for all this, the petition, as well as the German Bundestag, cite the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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