What are the cities with the most pollution air in the world?


Among the top 20 cities with the most polluted air, there is not a single city from Europe. Although there are cities in Europe with very dirty air, such as cities in northern Italy, southern Poland, Kosovo and others.
At the head of this negative ranking are China, India and Pakistan. Number one is the Pakistani city of Lahore. It is a city in Northeast Pakistan with a population of 11 million, the second largest in the country.
In second place is the city of Hotan, China, an extremely small city for the size of China with a population of 114,000. This city in mountainous western China, where the topography does not allow dirty air to leave the valley.
In third place is the Indian city of Bhiwadi, a small town with a population of 630,000 near New Delhi. The city is industrial, which also determines the dirty air in the city.
Outside the “leaders” from China and India, we have in the ranking Baghdad, Iraq in 13th place and the capital of Chad, N’Djamena in 8th place.
Dirty air also determines the quality and length of life.

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