Which is the country where Google Chrome is not the most used browser?


How for the past ten years, one company and one browser managed to take over the world. The data is extremely disturbing. Google Chrome’s monopoly is absolute. In reality, however, there are no procedures against the monopolistic position of a company. Is it really because this browser is the best? And yes and no. Thanks to Google’s monopoly, a huge part of web pages are written in accordance with the work of the Google search engine, which in turn forwards everything in sync with Google Chrome. Thus, a closed circle is obtained, where very quickly the browser gained polarity. However, for its part, the competition also fails to offer anything better in combination with its search engines.
And so the only breakthrough in the whole world is only in one single country where Google Chrome is not number one. This is Equatorial Guinea, where Microsoft’s Edge is the most used browser.
And one more exception, in a self-governing province Safari is the most used browser, this is Greenland.

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