Something new is emerging from China, there are no places in the hospitals


Once again, something strange is happening in China. A few days ago, reports appeared that the country was experiencing an outbreak of a mysterious respiratory disease that specifically affects children.

Later, WHO allegedly turned to the government of the country for official data, but received a response that there was no outbreak and nothing terrible was happening. After this, the department called on China not to hide information about the sick (it looks like some kind of new performance). As a result, the WHO asked the Chinese to put on masks again, maintain social distance and not leave their homes at all.

Now it is reported ( that “China’s top health authority has called on hospitals across the country to extend opening hours and open more clinics as the recent rise in respiratory illnesses continues and is a global concern.”

Health officials acknowledged that hospitals were overwhelmed and, to calm public concerns, they called on local clinics to expand their capacity to accommodate the growing number of patients.

Some parents reportedly waited up to eight hours to take their children to hospital.

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