Two factors are driving the good data for the US economy


The very good data on the US economy continues to keep the dollar in a good position. On Friday, all 3 of the 4 major fundamentals came in positive – better than expected. Newly created jobs rose to 272K from 165K in the previous month.
However, does this correspond to reality, as among studies and polls, people talk about their increasingly difficult life in the United States.
However, two things remain positive in the economy and will definitely be long-term drivers of the largest economy. This is the military industrial complex, working at full strength in maintaining the war in Ukraine, as well as selling weapons to almost all of Europe plus Israel and the Middle East.
The second driving factor behind the strong American economy is massive amounts of money printing. This will continue until the BRICS countries completely stop working with dollars. And until then, there will probably be another 2-3 years of dollar dominance.
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Source: World-Signals

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