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Mar 16

How U.S. citizens will use helicopter money and how they will lose these money?

Each American citizen is on the way to receive $1200. How will they spend the money?
The question of how it is planned to order the use of the money from the helicopter, 37% of the surveyed applications, is sought in order to collect shares on the stock market.
The inflation of the stock market will continue. We can see the Dow Jones Index over 35000 and at the same time S&P close to 4200. The new investors may see the light and continue with investments. But this scenario is well known to the big fish. warn these new and old investors that it is too risky. 
These people are on the way to lose the money because all these predictions and plans are already in the stock market bubble. After the spending of these money many new investors will start to lose as the shares are on the way to collapse. Dow Jones is 100% sure that will go back below 28000 while S&P may lose down to 3300. If you invest in Stock Markets our idea is that it is too late to make a good profit. Don't waste these money in Stocks it is better to use another market like investment in Metals. 

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