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May 25

Trading ideas for EURUSD this week

EURUSD currently hit the highest level of 1.2266. This is the record high level for the last 5-months. The highest trading level of EURUSD in 2021 is 1.2349. The big questions is the potential of Euro to hit 1.2349 and the levels above this key resistance. 
Since the beginning of April 2021 EURUSD is in upward trend.
In the last week of May is expected to show key news for U.S. Durable Goods report on Thursday and Initial Claims to confirm that the jobs market recovery is very slow. trading strategy this week is to use short positions with target at 1.2210. If it breaks below 1.2210 we can see levels of 1.2165. The move above 1.2266 is sure to happen but the move may stop at 1.2290/1.2300. The level of 1.2349 may not hit this month. So use the current levels to trade into both directions and if you use long positions try to open at 1.2170 up to 1.2210 and expect target 1.2260.


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