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Jan 18

Political events will move the market as Inauguration on Wednesday

This flat market today Monday January 18th (U.S. Holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day) will not be the same on January 20th when is Inauguration Day in Washington. What will follow on this day we can see but the markets may boom in very unexpected events. prepare some scenarios as almost all lead to negative results for the Dollar. If in the rest 48-hours the Dollar makes some small gains we recommend to use this moment and sell your Dollars. The events that may follow the Inauguration may push EURUSD up to 1.23.  EURUSD is currently trading at 1.2068 as the trend remains downward in almost 1/2 of the standard volumes. 
Get ready for a market explosion on Wednesday if unexpected events happen. 
If we focus on the fundamental data the key news may be expected for the Euro Zone but as overall there are not important events in the United States. So that is still one sure signal that the political events will move the forex market. 

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