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Why are food prices rising significantly in some countries compared to others?

Food in Europe continues to rise in price: in June, the price for it increased by an average of 14-15% yoy.


How many millions have the best tennis players in the world earned?

Professional tennis is one of the most profitable mainstream sports in the world.


Rich countries profit from the re-export of cheap Russian oil

Which countries continue to buy Russian energy resources in 2023.


A very small country in terms of territory is the second largest food exporter in the world

It is really hard for one to imagine that in the world, such a small country ranks second in the world in food exports.


What are the most spoken languages in the world?

English remains the most spoken language in the world.


Europe is at the forefront of the highest unemployment in the world

Europe is the number one continent with the most countries in the top 10 with the highest unemployment in the world.


Where in Europe is the cheapest place to live and where is the most expensive place to live?

Within about 2000 km, the difference in prices on the continent of Europe exceeds a difference of 400%.


This is where they plan to develop air transport without worrying about environmental norms

Another example of how Asia continues to develop, and Europe will soon pass into a completely different stage of existence.


What are the countries and when do they reach $1 trillion GDP?

Today in the world, the strength of the world's economies is determined by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


What is the average age of the population in individual countries?

When we talk about an aging population, we all think of Japan and the nation with the oldest population.

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