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A very small country in terms of territory is the second largest food exporter in the world


It is really hard for one to imagine that in the world, such a small country ranks second in the world in food exports.
This country is extremely small, it can be driven from one end to the other in three and a half hours.
The territory of the Netherlands is only 41,543 square kilometers and is in 131st place in the ranking of countries in the world.
At the top of the ranking is the United States, and after the Netherlands in second place, followed by Brazil, Germany, France and China.
Canada's 9th position is interesting, where it is cold and snowy most of the year.

Food Exporters 2021

This ranking shows us that there is enough space on planet Earth for humans and for growing food.
Also, right now in the Netherlands, WEF is cutting farms to cut production and food around the world so that the United States becomes the undisputed leader in the world's food supply.
And there is another feature of the Netherlands. In order to achieve such significant results, the Netherlands use a lot of artificial fertilizers and chemistry is an integral part of their agriculture.

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