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Estimated inflation in different countries for 2023


The World Monetary Fund forecasts inflation for 2023 around the world in individual countries.
There won't be a single country with deflation, but there are predictions for countries with zero inflation in 2023.
In general, the lowest inflation is expected in East Asia. Highest in Europe.
The World Monetary Fund predicts zero inflation in Chad in 2023. Other countries with very low inflation for this year will be Japan at 1.4%, Oman at 1.9%, China, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia at 2.2% and Switzerland at 2.4%.
At the other pole with the highest inflation are traditionally Zimbabwe with 204%, Venezuela with 195%, Sudan with 76.9%, Argentina with 76.1%.
In Europe, the leader in inflation will be Poland with 14.3%, followed by Belarus and Romania.
Turkey continues to be unable to control inflation, and levels above 50% are expected this year.

Inflation Forecasts 2023

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