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Europe is at the forefront of the highest unemployment in the world


Europe is the number one continent with the most countries in the top 10 with the highest unemployment in the world.
A prosperous Europe is only an illusion. If Europe was once the engine of world economy and prosperity. Today it is only a thing of the past. If we go into the details in a little more detail, we will understand that the prosperity of Europe is due to the loans, and before that to the colonial policy.
It is gradually starting to be felt by economic indicators, and by the population itself, that Europe will face serious challenges in the coming years, mostly related to the bad politics of the European elite.

Top 10 countries in the world by unemployment rate:

1. Nigeria: 33.3%
2. South Africa: 32.9%
3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: 29.28%
4. Iraq: 15.55%
5. Afghanistan: 13.3%
6. Spain: 13.26%
7. Greece: 11.2%
8. Colombia: 10.7%
9. Ukraine: 10.6%
10. Türkiye: 10.2%

Surprisingly, one in three in Nigeria, South Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina is unemployed. Moreover, among young people the proportion of those who cannot find work is even higher.

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