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From 2.1% to 88% is the inflation in the world this year


Inflation worldwide is a problem. But this is not a problem everywhere. There are countries where inflation is very small and does not affect its population in any way.
With inflation of 3%, Switzerland is the country with the lowest value in all of Europe. Citizens do not complain about increased prices, and the high standard of living is maintained.
China, despite the strictest restrictions and problems related to closed factories and interrupted supplies, remains with the lowest inflation of the countries studied, only 2.1%.
At the other pole are Argentina and Turkey with the highest inflation. Among the countries of Western Europe, the Netherlands is the country with the highest inflation of 14.3%.

Updated annual inflation data for the month:

Argentina 88%
Turkey 85.51%
Netherlands 14.3%
Russia 12.6%
Italy 11.8%
UK 11.1%
Germany 10%
Mexico 8.41%
US 7.7%
India 6.77%
Brazil 6.47%
France 6.2%
Indonesia 5.42%
Japan 3.7%
Switzerland 3%
China 2.1%

Argentina, as always, and Turkey, represented by Erdogan, decided that high inflation is not a bug, but a feature.

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