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How many millions have the best tennis players in the world earned?


Professional tennis is one of the most profitable mainstream sports in the world. The first top tennis players earn a lot of money and they are always valued in the millions.

Here are the top 10 athletes by total career earnings:

1. Novak Djokovic: $169.8 million (Serbia)
2. Rafael Nadal: $134.6 million (Spain)
3. Roger Federer: $130.6 million (Switzerland)
4. Serena Williams: $94.8 million (USA)
5. Andy Murray: $63.7 million (Scotland)
6. Pete Sampras: $43.3 million (USA)
7. Venus Williams: $42.4 million (USA)
8. Simona Halep: $40.2 million (Romania)
9. Maria Sharapova: $38.8 million (Russia)
10. Petra Kvitova: $36.6 million (Czech)

And this is without taking into account advertising contracts and other earnings.

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