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How old are the world's biggest companies?


Some leading companies in the world have centuries of history. But other companies have only been around for a few years. And yet, in a short period of time, they develop and occupy the leading positions of the largest companies in the world.
See the age of some of the most popular companies in the world:

How old will companies be this year:

ChatGPT*: 1 year
Twitter: 17 years old
Facebook: 19 years old
Tesla: 20 years
SpaceX: 21 years old
Google: 25 years old
Amazon: 29 years old
Apple: 47 years old
Microsoft: 48 years old
Sony: 77 years old
Samsung: 85 years old
IBM: 112 years old
Nintendo: 134 years old
Nokia: 158 years old

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* Chatbot with AI by OpenAI - This company is so young that we need to clarify what it is, since hardly everyone has heard of it and knows about it.

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