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How the share of electric cars is changing in the United States


Probably, many people do not know that at the beginning of the previous century, the use of electric cars in the United States was widespread. The trend then was for all cars to be electric with a very good transition from a single charge.
But then the oil revolution happens and electric cars are pulled from the market.

Percentage of electric vehicles in the US:

1900: 33% (!)
2011: 0.14%
2015: 0.66%
2017: 1.13%
2018: 2.1%
2019: 1.9%
2022: 4.6%

No matter how hard Elon Musk tries with his Tesla, he is still far from the market share that electric cars occupied 120 years ago.

Only after 2010 did the development of electric cars begin again. It seems that everything achieved in the early 20th century has been lost. Lithium-ion batteries did not exist then, but the range of electric cars was about 400 km.

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