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Inflation in the world for 2022


Whether official inflation statistics can be trusted is up to everyone in their own country to judge. But the growth of energy carriers and certain foodstuffs exceeded 100%. This inflation applies to Europe, where the price of fuel as well as electricity has shot up by 100%.

Until recently, Turkey led the world's ranking for the highest growth in inflation (excluding countries such as Venezuela and some African countries), but Argentina at the end of the year came out on top.

Actual inflation figures:

Argentina 92.4%
Turkey 84.39%
Russia 12%
Italy 11.8%
UK 10.7%
Euro area 10.1%
Germany 10%
Netherlands 9.9%
Mexico 7.8%
South Africa 7.4%
US 7.1%
France 6.2%
Brazil 5.9%
India 5.88%
Indonesia 5.42%
China 1.6%

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