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See the countries in the world with the highest share of immigrants


The countries in the ranking of the highest share of immigrants are mainly in the Middle East. The huge infrastructure facilities in these countries and the easy finding of work is the reason for the huge immigration.

Countries with the highest proportion of immigrants (percentage of population):

UAE - 88%
Qatar - 77%
Kuwait - 73%
Bahrain - 55%
Oman - 46%
Singapore - 43%
Saudi Arabia - 39%
Jordan - 34%
Australia - 30%
Switzerland - 29%

Many countries from Western Europe are rapidly catching up with the top ten. Among them are Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden and Belgium. For several years, there has been a steady trend of replacing the population of European countries, such as Germany, where many Germans are leaving their country, due to the growth of immigrants from Asia, Africa and Ukraine.

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