Friday, December 01, 2023

See the countries with the largest capacities for generating electricity from the Sun


Solar energy is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Some countries have huge capacities to generate electricity from the Sun. See the top 15 countries with the largest solar capacity in MW.

1. China: 306.973
2. USA: 95.209
3. Japan: 74.191
4. Germany: 58,461
5. India: 49,684
6. Italy: 22.698
7. Australia: 19.076
8. South Korea: 18.161
9. Vietnam: 16.660
10. Spain: 15.952
11. France: 14.718
12. Netherlands 14.249
13. Brazil: 13.708
14. UK: 13.689
15. Ukraine: 8.062

China is ahead of the rest. A country of contrasts: on the one hand, coal burning, the lack of sewage treatment, literally deadly smog in the capital. On the other hand, there are more solar power plants than in all the countries of the conventional “West” combined.

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