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Since the beginning of the year, a number of goods in the US have become cheaper - see which ones


Most metals are falling in price this year in the US as the industry runs weaker. In addition, the dollar remains very strong, and the prices of all goods are reflected in dollars. Among the metals that are growing, nickel is used in a number of industries, but in general, the nickel reserves on the planet are not very large, so the price is constantly increasing. In addition, steel and palladium are growing.
The Gas and Oil remain the leaders in the increased prices.
There are also commodities in the US that are falling in price, these are sugar, cocoa and lumber.
However, for the rest of the world, this is not the case.

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US Metals Performance (YTD):

1. Nickel +22.2%
2. Steel +9.1%
3. Palladium +4.8%
4. Zinc -5.8%
5. Platinum -7.0%
6. Gold -9.8%
7. Aluminum -20.0%
8. Iron ore -20.2%
9. Silver -22.1%
10. Copper -23.7%

US performance commodities (YTD):

1. Gas +73.6%
2. Oil +17.6%
3. Corn +16.4%
4. Wheat +11.7%
5. Soybeans +3.3%
6. Sugar -0.3%
7. Cocoa -5.9%
8. Lumber -56.9%

* YTD - Year-To-Date - from the beginning of the year

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