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See the companies that lost up to 99% of their price in 2022

In the last 2 years it has been seen that the growth of the big corporations was just a bubble.


Inflation in the world for 2022

Whether official inflation statistics can be trusted is up to everyone in their own country to judge.



Which soccer teams have the most foreign players?

It is a common practice for foreign players with local passports to participate in the national football teams.



Who are the 10 biggest banks in the world right now?

There are only two countries in the world that are trying to redistribute the world's money.


Asia is the locomotive of the world, but where is it produced the cheapest?

Asia continues to be the part of the world where the world's major commodities are produced.


The most important economic events for week 40 of 2022

Economic calendar of the most important events during this week October 3 - October 9, 2022.

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