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The paternal home - the difference between individual nations


Interesting statistics about where young people (male and female) leave their home and settle down to live on their own or with their new family.

Average age of young people leaving parental home in different countries:

Portugal: 33.6
Croatia: 33.3
Slovakia: 30.9
Italy: 29.9
Spain: 29.8
Poland: 29.0
France: 23.6
Germany: 23.6
Netherlands: 23.3
Denmark: 21.3
Finland: 21.2
Sweden: 19.0

The statistics are for Europe, where the north is very clearly distinguished from the south. There is practically no exception, and the main thing is geography. In southern Europe, young people leave the paternal home very late. On the one hand, this is a tradition, on the other hand, incomes in Southern Europe are lower compared to those in Scandinavia.
In Sweden, on average, young people leave their home after completing secondary education.

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