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The trading strategy today 23 November 2022



Support / Resistance: 1.0280 - 1.0380

A series of important data is expected today ahead of Thanksgiving Day in the United States.
We expect a dynamic day, with the most important news being the FOMC Minutes at 3:00 PM ET, and at 9:30 ET we expect Durable Goods Orders(Oct), as well as more important fundamentals for the United States economy. In the morning, Europe is expecting important data for Germany and the Eurozone, such as S&P Global/BME Composite PMI, S&P Global/BME Manufacturing PMI, S&P Global/BME Services PMI, and expectations for the Eurozone are without a large margin compared to the previous month. It is likely that the markets will not react and will wait for the more important data later in the day. Our strategy for the day is to use the current trend - slightly upward and trade until the important data from the United States, where more serious movements in both directions are possible.

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