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What are the countries and when do they reach $1 trillion GDP?


Today in the world, the strength of the world's economies is determined by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Interesting statistics of the countries of the world, when they managed to reach the huge amount of one trillion dollars. In the last two years, however, the United States has printed a staggering amount of dollars valued in the trillions.
It seems that nowadays a trillion dollars is not a fantastic thing for 19 countries.
First was the USA, the last country to reach $1 trillion is Turkey in this year 2023.

When countries reached a GDP of $1 trillion:

1969: USA
1978: Japan
1986: Germany
1988: France
1990: Italy, UK
1998: China
2004: Canada, Spain
2006: South Korea, Brazil
2007: India, Mexico, Russia
2008: Australia
2017: Indonesia
2021: Netherlands
2022: Saudi Arabia
2023: Türkiye

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