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What are the countries with the highest death rates from cancer?


More than 80 years ago, it was said that a person with cancer is a dream for the pharmaceutical industry. From this sinister disease, the profit of doctors and persons related to the treatment of patients (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, drug companies) is the highest.
Subsequently, it turns out that cancer is most prevalent in developed and rich countries.
Here is a ranking of countries where cancer affects them heavily.

Cancer deaths per 100,000 people:

Hungary: 286
Croatia: 269
Poland: 245
UK: 224
Germany: 206
Italy: 205
Canada: 200
S. Africa: 192
Sweden: 189
Australia: 188
Spain: 186
USA: 182
Japan: 177
Brazil: 174
Turkey: 154
Colombia: 153
Mexico: 126

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If the low numbers compared to developed countries in Brazil, Turkey, Colombia, and Mexico can easily be attributed to much younger populations and perhaps problems with cancer detection and reporting, Japan is an anomaly. A country of centenarians, which, moreover, was subjected to nuclear bombings - and such figures. This says a lot about the level of local medicine.

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