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What is the average age of the population in individual countries?


When we talk about an aging population, we all think of Japan and the nation with the oldest population.
But there are a number of other countries that come close to Japan, and those countries are in Europe. Here are the countries with the most aging populations:

Japan: 48.4
Germany: 45.9
Italy: 45.6
UK: 40.5
Canada: 40.3
USA: 38.5
China: 38.4
South Korea: 37.8
Argentina: 32.6
Russia: 32.4
Brazil: 32.2
Türkiye: 32.2
Indonesia: 30.3
India: 28.4
Mexico: 28.3
South Africa: 27.3

The ranking includes the largest and most developed countries in the world.

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