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Where are the biggest plastic polluters in the world?


Where are environmental activists protesting plastic pollution in the world's oceans? That's right - in Europe, the USA and other Western countries.

And where is the real source of this garbage? The statistics are relentless: in Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific Islands.

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If in numbers, out of the approximately 70 million tons of orphan plastic waste (which is not recycled), only 1.2 million tons (1.7%) are thrown away in Europe, and 2 million tons (2.85%) in all of North America. Wherein:

1. India - 13 million tons (18.57%);
2. China - 12.2 million tons (17.43%);
3. Philippines - 4 million tons (5.7%);
4. Brazil - 3.3 million tons (4.71%).

Plastic Pollution

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