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Where can you mine bitcoins with very good profits?


Bitcoin mining is not so popular anymore with the drop in the price of the global stock market. When the price of Bitcoin shot above $55000 in almost every country, mining the cryptocurrency would bring you profit. But now that the price is around $17,000, the number of people willing to mine the valuable cryptocurrency has decreased significantly.
But there are still countries in the world where you can mine bitcoins with a very good profit.
These are mainly Central Asian countries, as well as in some African countries.
And if you live in Venezuela and decide to mine crypto currency, you will definitely go bankrupt in the first week.
To mine one bitcoin in Venezuela you will give $246,000. In Liberia, Cuba, Dominica you will have to give about $70,000 to mine one bitcoin. You will be at a loss throughout Europe except for Kosovo and Ukraine.

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But there are countries where the profit can be very high, even at the current low Bitcoin prices.
The absolute leader with the lowest cost to mine one bitcoin is Kuwait with a price of $1394 - over 11 times profit.
With a much lower income compared to Kuwait, but very well compared to the rest of the world, in second place is Sudan with a price of $4779.
You can get good income if you mine Bitcoin in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Qatar, North Korea, Ethiopia and others.

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