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Where do the world's biggest earthquakes occur?


After the strong earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we pay attention to the countries where earthquakes happen most often.
However, the country known for its many earthquakes, Japan, falls behind in the ranking. Japan ranks 4th with 94 strong earthquakes over a 32-year period.
In the ranking with the most strong earthquakes for the last 32 years from 1990 to 2022, China is at the top with 182 strong earthquakes.
In second place is Indonesia with 161 earthquakes. We remember the earthquake in the northern part of the island of Sumatra with the huge tsunami that shook the entire Indian Ocean.
In third place is Iran with 108 earthquakes. Iran is almost entirely located on a high earthquake zone.
In fifth place is the United States with 77 earthquakes, mostly in California, which is located on a fault line.
In 6th place is Turkey with 58 earthquakes. Large seismic zones in Turkey are where earthquakes now occur in southern Turkey, near the border with Syria, as well as the Marmara Sea region and Istanbul.
The ranking is completed by India with 57 earthquakes and the Philippines with 52 earthquakes.

In Europe, the most powerful earthquakes occur in Romania (Mount Vranca), as well as the entire Apennine Peninsula (Italy).

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