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Where in Europe is the cheapest place to live and where is the most expensive place to live?


Within about 2000 km, the difference in prices on the continent of Europe exceeds a difference of 400%.
Certainly some countries are extremely expensive to live in, while in others you can get 4 times more goods for the same money.

To help relocators: consumer price index in different EU countries from the most trusted source - Eurostat. For 100, the average level for the European Union is taken. Hence:

- If the index is above 100, then living in the country is more expensive than the average. Such countries are marked in green, and the darker the color, the more expensive they are. Most expensive:

Ireland (146% of the EU average)
Denmark (145%)
Luxembourg (137%)

Europe Prices2023

- Countries with below-average prices are in purple. And then the darker the color, the cheaper life in the state. The cheapest countries:

Romania (58%)
Bulgaria (59%)
Poland (62%)

The biggest price extremes are outside the European Union. Switzerland, Iceland and Norway are the most expensive countries, and Turkey remains the cheapest country with territory on the European continent.

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