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Which are the countries with the most developed civil aviation?


The largest countries by area rely on air transport. For some countries, air transport is vital as there is really no alternative. For example, access to some cities in Brazil is only possible by air. The huge number of islands of Indonesia predisposes to the development of sea and air transport. The most interesting thing in this ranking is the absence of China in the top 10. Despite the great distances, huge cities, China still does not have many civilian airports. Although many airports are under construction in China, in 2021 the number of open civil airports is only 248. Compared to the main competitor USA (20303 airports), China looks like a dwarf.
We should pay attention to Mexico and Argentina, which have very good density of airports in their countries.

Top 10 countries with the largest number of civilian airports:

1. US 20,303
2. Brazil 3,898
3. Mexico 1,714
4. Canada 1,620
5. Russia 1,218
6. Argentina 1,138
7. Columbia 992
8. Bolivia 952
9. Paraguay 799
10. Indonesia 683

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