Friday, December 01, 2023

Which countries have the most educated population?


For the last 4 years, the level of education in the world has changed. Nations that were at the top of the charts collapsed while others rose to become the most educated nations in the world. We should note that some areas of the world are not included in the ranking, such as countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

10 countries with the most educated population:

1. Switzerland
2. Japan
3. Sweden
4. Germany
5. UK
6. Denmark
7. Norway
8. Finland
9. Canada
10. Netherlands

4 years ago, Canada was number one, while now it has dropped to 9th position.
Switzerland, which was not even in the top 10, currently holds the top position.
The rapid decline of the United States is seen from number 6 4 years ago, it is now outside of the most educated nations.
Otherwise, a rather strange ranking for the USA, where traditionally its geography and knowledge are not its strong point.

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