In the Middle East, investors want the most money for retirement


How much money do investors need to retire: Bloomberg conducted a large-scale survey and found out that $3 million is enough for most. But in expensive regions - the USA, Canada, Asia and the Middle East, people prefer to name a large amount - $5 million.

Interestingly, the only region where the $20 million option came out on top was generally poor South America. Perhaps this is due to the fact that investments in the countries of the mainland are not a mass business and are available only to very rich people. Therefore, there are more requests.

Retirements Salary

The high demands of investors from the Middle East put them at the top of the ranking. They want the most money to retire. Accustomed to luxury goods, people from Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia are the majority in the future retiree category with more than $20 million.
In Africa, $3 million is enough for the majority to retire on, with the majority of Europeans and Australians citing this amount as sufficient.

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