I am guilty because I believed that the EU and the US would fulfill what they signed


The Serbian president made a very sincere statement. The speech is related to the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, which territories Serbia lost and cannot accept.
Tensions between Kosovo and Serbian border guards erupt frequently, and the Serbian minority is severely restricted in its rights on the territory of Kosovo.

Vucic: “I am guilty because I believed that the EU and the USA would fulfill what they signed. (They also signed the Minsk agreements on Ukraine with the clear intention of not respecting them according to the words of the former German chancellor, Angela Merkel).
The second mistake is that I allowed myself to depend on those who led us by the nose, one by one siding with [Kosovo Prime Minister] Kurti.” This was stated by Serbian President Vucic.

At the same time, Vucic said a day ago that Serbia’s accession to the European Union is a priority for him

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