Why is Hamas attacking Israel at this time and what does this mean for the dollar, oil and Biden?


“Iran is seeking confrontation with Israel and the United States.

Russia’s success in Ukraine is prompting Iran to reverse decades of hostile U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

The bankrupt US government has just been invited to a new war. The timing is favorable.

The US government is forced to print trillions of US dollars in an attempt to raise funds for new debts. Another war would lead to a significant increase in inflation and an acceleration of the US economic decline.

If Iran mines the Strait of Hormuz, the global energy crisis will become critical.

The Biden administration has used most of the US oil reserves to stabilize domestic oil prices.

Iran could add significant pain to the US government.

Ukraine is turning into a major defeat for the US and NATO.

A new front in the Middle East will accelerate the decline of the United States.

The US government and its Western partners simply cannot afford this.

Russia and China will benefit the most from this. Iran understands this and plays into the hands of its partners.”

This is what Kim Dotcom commented. However, we will add to it that the new war that has begun will ignite the entire Middle East, and it is even possible that it will turn into a world war.
Israel’s retaliation will likely be brutal, further deepening the war by involving other countries.
The United States cannot afford to sustain two very large wars. But this is an ideal chance for the US to withdraw from the war in Ukraine and leave Europe to deal with the consequences alone.
The war in Ukraine did not bring dividends to Biden for the upcoming election, even causing only voter losses.

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