The UK is on track to exit the WHO


An official petition has been launched in the United Kingdom (on Parliament’s official page) to leave the World Health Organization.
The main argument is that the WHO does not have any democratic legitimacy, because it makes serious decisions about the health of citizens.
By law, for more than 10,000 signatures, an official response is received from the government, for more than 100,000 signatures, discussion in Parliament is mandatory.
Each petition lasts six months, this one in less than a month has already collected over 52,000 signatures.
By all accounts, it looks like the petition will succeed, and not only will it get the 100,000 signatures it needs, but it could be among the most massively supported petitions ever.
Some time ago, there was a request for such a petition, but the legal department rejected it as unmotivated. It is now allowed to collect signatures.
People’s opinion succeeded before it influenced politicians and changed their policy course.
For comparison, among almost 50,000 different petitions on the Parliament page, we have petitions supported by 1.1 million people, for example: “End child food poverty – no child should be going hungry”.
Almost at the same time, a petition for: “Commit more support for Ukrainian victory against Russia’s war. Ukraine must win” was launched, which managed to collect 1361 signatures.

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