Debt to GDP in some countries is more than 200%, while in others it is only 5%


In one picture, the debt of countries around the world is placed in relation to the Gross Domestic Product.
In 11 of the countries surveyed, the debt exceeds 100% of GDP.
We have an absolute record breaking country where the GDP not only exceeds 200%, but approaches 300%. This is Japan, the absolute leader in this anti-ranking. It is no accident that the Japanese Yen has remained extremely weak against the Dollar and other currencies over the past decade.
In second place is Greece, a long-time bankrupt country, saved with billions in tranches by the IMF and other banks.
Next is Venezuela, a country that is struggling with a number of obstacles to its development, mainly caused by the United States.
With 144% debt to GDP, Italy follows, one of the bombs in the Eurozone and much larger than the Greek economy.
The next position is for the United States with a debt of 121%, and in reality it may be much higher if one does not include in the GDP data for 3-4 completely virtual companies with no real assets.
At the positive end of the ranking are Russia with a debt of 20%, Estonia 17%, the Democratic Republic of Congo 15% and Turkmenistan with a debt of only 5% of the country’s GDP.

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