Israel made a huge advertisement for Huawei and did so completely free of charge


Hamas’ “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation has come as a surprise to Israel as said by some military sources in the occupation army who admitted “serious intelligence failure.”

Theories crashed social media predicting what prevented Israeli intelligence and Western authorities from detecting Hamas plans.

A theory was the main to dominate internet talk saying that Hamas leaders are using Huawei phones and electronic devices which provide high security preventing Israeli intelligence from hacking them.

A user posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: “To all those who ask; how did Israel with its security and intelligence agencies fail to detect Hamas plans to carry out a daring invasion of Israel?!”

It seems Hamas leaders did use Huawei’s phones to prevent Western intelligence agencies from eavesdropping.

We can understand why the US hates Huawei this much now.

If you don’t want to expose your privacy in front of the CIA, please buy Huawei phones.

Aimen Dean maintained: “Partial Answer: Huawei! Yes, for the past 30+ months, Hamas leaders and militants used Huawei’s phones, tablets and laptops!”

He explained in detail why is it so hard to crack Huawei phones justifying that Google and other U.S. tech companies barred the Chinese company from using their systems forcing Huawei to develop its own in-house systems that are not easy to hack except by China.

Israeli military radio said that Palestinian fighters have “infiltrated” Israel from Gaza and seized military bases as photos and videos went viral online showing Hamas fighters on vehicles inside Israel and others paragliding into Israeli territory.”

Hamas military group announced on Saturday a military operation called “Al-Aqsa Flood” against Israel which is the biggest offensive in decades.

Palestinian fighters “infiltrated” Israel from the Gaza Strip and captured military bases and took hostages as photos and videos went viral online showing Hamas fighters on vehicles inside Israel and others paragliding into Israeli territory.

In response, Israeli armed forces announced targeting Hamas positions inside the Gaza Strip.

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To this albawaba message we may add the following. Since Israel and the secret services have failed, why are there no resignations or punishments? After such a spectacular failure, the resignation of the highest level, that of Benjamin Netanyahu, should have long been demanded!

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